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Leon Lancaster

Mayor convoy

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We could do a monthly event (cycles with new mayor) where the mayor is transporting 5 mil to Sofia from kavala on 'governmental business' in the form of a convoy. This convoy could be protected by the police/blackwater or a detachment from both Working as a joint security force. The aim for rebels would be to capture the mayor/mayor's vehicle and therefore gain the money in the vehicle. It could work as in if you capture just the vehicle you get 3 mil and if you capture the mayor alive and the vehicle it's 5 mil. This is just a base idea and very much open to being expanded upon. 


Wrote this on no sleep, no bully.

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Do you want to advertise here? Have a youtube channel you're looking to promote? even your gang page? Contact Neo on Discord or email us

I recommend, arranging it between the admins and the mayor, maybe even the police,  arrange a date and time when its going to happen  but I highly doubt its going to be a monthly event, if people want it, they have to take initiative, and make it happen, it seems like a cool event, one alike me and @Jack Afrebalos did months ago.  If it can get up and running then cool why not, but making it a monthly event, variates from, does the people have the time to attend? Do they want to attend... etc

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Yes, sure  - "any events you can organise yourself with an admins' co-operation! "

But the story is interesting!

Let's visit the right place. For example my brother doesn't like to write argumentative essays and he can't choose the right topics. He knows the service which he needs to visit.



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