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Luke Wilson

Armed response team (non lethal)

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Armed Response Team




Main Rules


  • ART works like a police NCA/TFU patrol and can be started up by a CST+ no lower.

  • Can be led by SUR but has to be overviewed by a CST+

  • Strictly non-lethals

  • ART members can be killed once they have initiated upon a rebel/police or they have been initiated on.

  • PAR+ can apply for ART.

  • ART members cannot use any lethal firearms they may pick up only dispose of them.

  • Combat revives can be performed BUT only if the medics currently control the situation. Once situation under control then start reviving in the normal order.

  • We are strictly neutral and have no affiliation with cops however this does not mean that we can harm them .

  • When arriving at a active fire fight enter and try and diffuse the situation and take control . This can involve non-lethal initiation  on rebels / black water .

  • Trial members have to take part in strict/extensive training as we are not there for the kills/combat rather there for the protection of lives no matter what alignment.

  • ART teams however cannot enter red zones due to being a situational control team.

  • Medical vehicles and members still cannot be scrapped/taken hostage during the patrol as they are still crucial towards the server.

  • ART members can only be initiated upon in a active situation.



The purpose of the ART branch is to protect and preserve life.We are the non-lethal first opportunity. The reason this group is instituted is to go in to dangerous situations where no one else can and save lives and prevent any more lives from being taken. We aim to enter with speed, defuse the situation and revive in the quickest amount of time to ensure the least loss of life. We specialise in the non-lethal diffusion of situations.  


Essentially ART teams will be riot control between police/blackwater/rebels only that rather than petrol bombs and bricks the suspects have rifles.


Patrol Rules.


As mentioned previously the patrol has to be started up by a CST+ and patrols have to consist of 5 total members no more no less. Furthermore, there has to be at least 3 regular medical patrols online if that drops below then the patrol has to stop.


The patrol has to last between 30 minutes-3 hours and after that time period have a 30 minute cooldown.


There can only be 1 active ART patrol at a time, any more than this will terminate both patrols and be put on a 30 minute cooldown.




All weapons listed below would have non-lethal ammunition and possible to change.








Ghost Hawk (Unarmed)

Enhanced combat helmet, carrier rig, uniform, drone.

Team Lead




Enhanced combat helmet, carrier rig, uniform, drone.


Spar-16, Tac-45

MH-9 Hummingbird


Combat Helmet, NVG’s, Carrier lite, Uniform, carryall.


MK 20, Tac-45


Combat Helmet, NVG’s, Carrier lite, Uniform, Carryall,


Recruitment process

Once members of the NHS reach the rank of PAR they can apply to ART. This can be done by filling out the application form and then a Team Lead/Command will review it then accept/deny it. If accepted they will then be eligible for a interview and if they pass this then a training is carried out . Then providing all of these processes  are passed they will then become members of ART.




These people are CST’s/CMO’s. They oversee the team leads to make sure that they are following both NHS and server rules. Furthermore, correctly managing the members.


Team Lead

These people are there to manage all of the members and trials with the guidance of the command. They ensure that the members are adhering to the server rules as well as the ART rules.



These people are the core of ART. They are trained in all of the ART rules and are now full members of the branch and have the responsibility of representing us.



These people are on trial to become a member. At the start of their trial period after being accepted they would go under the training. After this process they would then have to go through a 1 week trial period in which they are watched by the team leads. After this the executive decision is made whether or not to promote them to member.



Anybody that has been discovered breaking the rules of ART will be punished according to the severity of the rule break :

  • Warning point within ART

  • Demotion within ART

  • Suspension from ART

  • Kicked from ART

  • Blacklisted from ART




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