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the "Broken" garages

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Would it be possible to make these garages buy-able? i've been searching high and wide for one near fields of interest and all the ones you can buy have been purchased but all the broken ones can't be


of it thats not possible could it be made that boltcutting the garages that you can buy gives you access to the owners vehicle list seeing as they would technically have cars and such stored at it

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2 minutes ago, Sanik said:

i would love being able to buy them but the last point of seeing the owners cars would be way to op. the only point i could think of is that it would give you keys to it so you could pull out your own cars from it.

perhaps not the whole list of cars but maybe one of vehicles that have actually been stored at it

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Just now, Denti The End Game Champ said:

perhaps not the whole list of cars but maybe one of vehicles that have actually been stored at it

would still be too op. i would personally not like that people could look at my cars by boltcutting my garage. The only thing that would make sence to me is that they could use it for their own purpose during the restart.

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1 minute ago, JoshDF said:

But then you wouldn't ever have to own your garage because you could just get other peoples.

they would still have to pay for the bolt cutters, in the long run it owuld have been more valuable to just buy a garage yourself. but as if a person boltcuts your garage and can pull out one of your ifrits (as an example) and then go and chop it to make an easy 600k/get one for 600k (without the price of bolt cutters)

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2 minutes ago, JoshDF said:

But its that you can have a garage wherever you want and if you own a garage in a really got position it wouldn't really mean anything because other people can use them for 10k

maybe you need to pay a garage fee to the owner each time you pull out an vehicle? like 25% of the sellprice of the vehicle? this would make you choose which of your cars to pull out of the garage you just boltcutted. if you then have a garage in a good spot you would be able to make money on it instead of losing cars each time?

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