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Cameron Darlington

Unblacklisting: Cameron Darlington / Cameron Darlington

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Cameron Darlington

Player ID


Your previous Rank

I don't know. (CSO or PCSO)

Date you got blacklisted


Reason for your blacklist

Applying too many times to the Police. (3 Times and left after learning about the time sheets and other contributions that had to be made on top of the NHS work that I do.)

Why should you be unblacklisted?

I feel as though whilst I have been waiting I have been able to talk to many people that have been within the actual Police Force and tell me many different things and with the rank that I am currently at there's no reason for me not to be to complete the training that's required. Going through the ranks whilst being at the medic rank of Surgeon enables me to do the fast track feature and yeah I applied too many times, but I feel as though I have waited most of the time I have been blacklisted and I am not looking to do the same thing that I have done before. I'm not going to constantly re-apply I just didn't like the constant restrictions and Mick taking as apart of being a CSO or PCSO and I just want to be able to get to the rank of PC and learn off the officers that have been in the force before and are well experienced. Obviously, through the ranks, you get responsibility and on top of being a surgeon, I already have a lot of paperwork that I have to complete and a lot of people that need me every day. Me and my friend Henry Darlington both wish to join the Police and we were going to until I was blacklisted from the force and we thought that it would be a lot more fun and exciting that constantly being medics together. I am not going to immediately re-apply and leave the police if the un-blacklist appeal is approved. I'm just looking to join the Police at a suitable time which benefits me and my friend and us enabling to come on together and patrol. It's in our top priorities to experience every faction and I have never been blacklisted until recently.

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