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Unblacklisting: poults / poults

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Date you got blacklisted

21/2/19 not 100% of date

Reason for your blacklist

I was blacklisted from the cops for being extremely toxic at the time I was very angry and I 100% agree that I shouldn’t of said what i said and I have got in contact with the person that I said it to and said sorry

Why should you be unblacklisted?

I believe I should be unblacklisted because I have spent nearly 3 weeks now thinking of what I have done i know that it hasn’t been long but I thought I would give my blacklist appeal another go as I love the police a lot and it is a really enjoyable thing for me
Another reason I believe I should be unblacklisted is because I showed a lot of commitment in the police force before I did a extremely amount of pnc work as ins before I left to rejoin a week later and get blacklisted.
I would really just like 1 more chance for me to show your a lot how non toxic i actually am and I’m just a nice genuine guy. I can totally understand that I have not been blacklisted for long but I hope you can see that I’m truly sorry and that I would just love one more chance to show what I’m actually like. Thanks for reading this and I hope you can take this in to consideration. (sorry if any of this doesn’t make sence I am currently on my phone thank you)

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