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Police Recruitment Drive

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Reborn Police Department Recruitment Drive

14th March Until 12th April

Today, Thursday 14th March 2039, the Police Command and Police Academy have decided due to the low level of newcoming officers to execute a Recruitment drive for the department. This includes a few changes in the structure of the application process, slight changes to the training process.

What does this mean to me?
This means that the requirements to get into police have been lowered, and the application process is now easier than before, although effortless applications will still be declined and the minimum age requirement is still 15+ although 14+ can go on a maturity test ride along, so whether you're looking to  join the police and make a long career out of it or was denied on the fact of ‘lack of depth’ in a previous application, and would also still like the opportunity to join the Police then this may be the thing for you.

Police numbers
Due to the fact that the police numbers are spread thin, if rising to a command position in a big faction is something for you, send in an application! Please read the questions carefully and answer them as best you can!  - https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/2-police-application/

Police Command has decided to unblacklist a list of people who were blacklisted for leaving the force too many times.

  • Nathan
  • Stewie Shepard
  • Delta
  • Crazy Frank
  • Crosseye
  • Racket
  • Acidix
  • Belthoruim
  • Vinny Calora
  • Luke
  • Xander

Applications requirements have been lowered

Effortless applications will still be denied eg. “My name is Snelzie I want to be a cop”
Age requirement 15+
Maturity test available for 14+

CSO to 5 hours although PCSO is still 10 hours (reduced by 3 hours in total)

Reduced failed interview cooldown from 4 days to 24 hours for recruitment drive only.

Previously denied applications

Police Academy will be looking through the previously denied applications from the past week, They will be re-examining them to see if the applications meet the new requirements, if accepted the applicant will be mentioned on the same topic asking them if they would still like to join the police.


Signed on behalf of Police Command by SI Lemmen & CI Snelzie of Academy

         DGugYea.png           GIRVIep.png

Authorised by Chief Superintendent Daniel



Edited by Snelzie

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