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18 hours ago, Neo said:

Will have to look into this again.

They will tell you im banned from loads of severs and that i have done loads of stuff in the past but im only banned from one other server thats rp** the rest i cant even join because im infistar banned i cant play tdm or anything the game for me right now is useless, they make me out to be this big bad man "he was in the Lannisters on ALRP" it was just a gang like every other server has with normal people in, im here to stay i hope you understand that, and i have been on the infistar discord multiple times to try and work out a way all they say its because its already been declined we can not re-look into it. I understand that people in the past have let you down but i dont think they have put even 10% of the effort i have why would i do so much to try and be unbanned and still do stuff to ruin the server for other people. Infistar have made false banned for example i remember them banning 274 people in a public group this was a mistake on there half they have also banned people for going on an arma account that got banned 6 months later they do unbanned you for this most of the time but at the end of the day everybody makes mistakes and they made one and being infistar banned is a massive punishment the only servers that dont have infistar is big roleplay servers that im force to play because i cant play this or tdm i hope you understand. 

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Would also like to add that i understand that the staff gets the community involved a lot so if you still think that maybe i dont deserve to be whitelisted quite yet maybe we can do a suggestion like you did with Alonso i understand its a different situation but i think that maybe having the peoples opinion might have a bigger say then mine for example. 

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