So I'm well aware that a number of people in the community have been requesting a new HUD to be implemented on the server. However, we don't know what you guys are looking for, so here is your chance to have a say. It will only have a major change once so I'd argue it's very important to gauge your opinions and collect your ideas. For those who aren't sure, here is what I mean by the "HUD": Updates to the phone and other GUI elements are already underway. Even if you can only tell us what you think is bad or inconvenient about the current HUD then we can take this advice on board when designing the new one. For example, if you think it should show more/less information, be bigger, be in a different place, different size, or anything else. Just please keep it sensible! I don't know about you guys but I think it's time for a change. Please post below with your suggestions and ideas!  a reply if you agree.
 if you don't. I will leave this post open until we can find something that people like and will work!