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Remove CSAT's and storing weapons in vehicles


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As many of you know that CSAT fatigues are so spongey its unreal just by looking at this video at 1:40 you can see how bad they are. CSAT dont cost that much in comparison to what rebels earn on the server either. As for storing guns inside vehicles this makes the whole housing function useless and there is no need to purchase a house when a rebel can store their weapons inside a hemmt and pull it in and out safely in greenzones without any risk. This also allows them to spawn as close as they can at a garage and pull out a weapon instantly.

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Lol on the video you're using a low caliber gun and both you and him and lagging, not only are you in a tower, the most notorious place for lag/desync to occour.

half of your bullets you'll find probably didn't register seeing how he shotguns at the end, for you to say to remove csat clothing over this is a little unfair.

Go shoot some guy wearing a special rig and go shoot someone wearing csats then you'll find the results are somewhat the same

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Rebels get csats because the game takes way more effort for us doing runs and paying the most for gear.

As for storing gear in vehicles; this has to go. It makes housing redundant for storing gear.

also almost all your shots missed, you shot the floor under him the only reason he was flinching was because of ricochet which does like 2% damage.

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