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Fun Idea for syndicate vs policew

James Grimm

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So I had a quick idea for some meaningful fighting.

Now when the syndicate is on the island I am shure that the police want them gone just as mutch as they want more power and land.

So so I where thinking why not have a fight every 1or 2 weeks by the syndicate Checkpoint where the police and syndicate fight with some restrictions and guidelines of course. And now to the big and interesting part If the police win the checkpoint gets moved a little more nort for example 500m and if the syndicate win they get their checpoint moved 500m stout witch in turn give them more land.

This all is just a idea but I know for shure that it's not impossible to do since the placement of the checkpoint can Be moved up and down the road.

thats all thanks and bye

best regards

James Grimm

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oohh more chance for roleplay i love it ofcource no other partys can help until a proper guidline can be made +1

1 minute ago, Melantha Rose said:

I think you are missing a bit of the point. The Syndicate is not here for gunfights, i for the life of me can't aim a gun at all. We are here to RP. Unfortunately people around us like starting gunfights with us instead of talking.

yes but syndicats want more and and the police want the syndicates gone it gives more chance of proper rp but ofcource what would happen if the syndicates lost all the battles would there be a chance for another rebel group to join in the battle?

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Allright thanks for all the feedback my meaning of this idea was to have a meaningful fight that doesn't just have to do with kills its really going to have a outcome. I know there's not much RP in this but at least it's for a cause.

Thanks for for taking the time to read my idea seems like most people are against it and I do respect that.

Bring us some of that role play then I am still waiting to get some quality Rp from the syndicate

best of days boys good luck.

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1 hour ago, Chadwick said:

How at all does the proposal of a team deathmatch (equivalently), imply there will be more roleplay......get out


Get your creative juices flowing, the gunfight isn't the suggestion.

Did you ever think that there could be negotiations and drama - a mini HollyOaks in the NE part of the map. There could be propoganda made and convoys etc. that could recreate a little war. Peace treaties and agreements could be made. No point in just looking at the gunfight part of it seeing as the suggestion wasn't just to have a gunfight - it was for the Syndicate's position to move and change, be dynamic and interesting.

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