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Glitched into a wall while robbing someone. :(


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In-game Name:

E | Frankie

Steam ID:


Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:

22.15 ( approx UK time )

Lost Items and Estimated Value:

150k CSAT. 35k Carryall. 80k Spar16. 100k Attachments. Total 365k

Please provide as much detail as possible:

At Rebel North. Robbed a guy and instantly died. Body went into the wall. - Waited for a medic, when a medic came he got like 4k out and decided to die. By then my body has already despawned. The medic was on he way again.

Any Evidence Available:

Thirst was at 5% during the whole time, it never went to 0% which is when you die. Hunger was on 10%. - Would most appreciate the full comp, didn't help that I spent 150k on 0 armour clothing by accident lol. I'm a poor frankie with only 20k to his name. Aommie and Cam where at the Scene and can confirm to you that my body was inside the building wall. - Hey paul about 600k would be nice mate, I know you got it spare ;)

Video is not edited, just skipped backwards so you can see what exactly happened. It looks pretty bad, my apologies.

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