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Punjabi Pingu


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In-game name:

Punjabi Pingu

Steam ID:


Date of ban:


Staff member that banned you:


Reason for ban:


Why do you think you were banned:

For killing someone too quickly. However, I'd like to address the fact I had no intention to RANDOMLY kill him.

Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why:

No I do not and I accept responsibility for my mistake.

If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned:

I understand that I was in the wrong in this case. First of all I would appreciate if an admin could make it 100% clear how they want me to initiate, as I get told different things - if you say "hands up or die", I get told off. If I say "Hands up" or "Leave now" without saying "or die", I get told off, so I'd really like that to be made clear :) I wasn't aware that C O O L sent me a message otherwise I would have tried to resolve it but I must have missed it as the situation was still ongoing. I will be totally up to serving the community in the form of playing medic, until the admin is happy to remove the ban. I apologize to C O O L for killing him but in the tense situation where someone is looking at you with a gun for a fair amount of time, it all gets a bit chaotic.

Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban:

I don't believe so, unless C O O L has an issue with me.

Please confirm you've read & understood the rules


Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe


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You said it best Punjabi, frankly this is your third offense. I've seen your history and I think you really need to improve on your roleplay all together.

In the future you have to make sure there is quality roleplay before pulling the trigger. If you had said something like "Officer I don't want to hurt you, but I will shoot you if you don't leave." If he had straight up shot you, he would have been the one in trouble.

I think you need to improve your roleplay. So I am going to require that you complete 7 days of AMS mandatory service.

I want you to post an application for AMS (you must pass the application and interview) and once those are complete, you will be unbanned.

Afterwards you must play AMS for 7 days and cannot play as civ/rebel until after the 7 days are up.

Do you agree?

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Yes I agree, thank you for the opportunity. Is there any AMS rules I can look at (that aren't the ones on the "White listed factions"), or will I receive them after my interview?

I don't have permission to make an AMS application. Is there anything you can do?

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@Punjabi_Pingu I would like you to patrol with me when you are online for a little while after you have done your interview, I am normally online at about 6-7pm on team speak so if you message me on team speak when you would like to patrol. If i am not there and you want to patrol before this message a member of the HR or another CMO and ask them to take you on a patrol (Tell them Blackie has asked).

If this is okay with you @Thesoldier

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