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Another arma gametype server


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I was part of a gaming community before Reborn Roleplay called SaW, who had an active player base on their Altis Life server. When they created a second server which was Exile on Altis, many people just went to play Exile, and just abondened Altis Life for like 3 weeks and lowered the Altis Life player base by a half. I +1 having another sever, but I hope the same thing doesn't happen on here! :)

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4 minutes ago, Lewis said:

Ill have a look at rush tonight, and see how easy the base files are to modify, and get to a point that will be ready to play for our community. People have to remember that fuel wont be able to manage it and work on it like he does with the main server, as there isnt enough time for him to do everything in one day.

Arent the rush redux files open?

EDIT: Found this in 20 seconds. This is the mission file. Not sure if its the lastest


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2 hours ago, Chev Chelios said:

Loving the fact the server is getting full every day! Reborn is at 40 in the rankings ATM. If it was up to me before branching out I would bring a 2nd Altis Life server online to keep the community growing.

Our main focus is plugging holes being exploited to cause crashes. When we can survive these hits without server dying, we'll most likely bring up a Server 2.

Till then, I don't see why having a "fun server" is a bad idea.

I'm currently trying to Contact the Rush Developer.

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