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In-game name: 


Steam ID: 


Date of ban: 


Reason for ban: 

fail rp

Staff member that banned you:


Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: 

it was justified.

Why should we unban you? 

Honestly i just got back from a 3 month break i've started playing arma again on the Olympus server and i've started following rules and not breaking them, i've moved on from Olympus because of the toxic community and all the rdm and i wanna join a roleplay server again like this one all of my friends are playing here again and i really miss this server. i understand my past ban history wasn't that great that's understandable i'm on my second perm now, however, i've reformed from my previous ways of rule breaking, anyway the reason i feel i should be unbanned is because everyone deserves a second/third chance in my case and i am more than ready to come back and follow the server rules again and have a good time roleplaying with everyone, rule breaking will not be tolerated again and i will be very very careful and strict about my decision and my rule breaking habit that i used to have, however staff is the one with the big decisions to made so i will leave it to the admins, kind regards jason.

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