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The End

The lost treasure of Altis

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41 minutes ago, The End said:


Hi to everyone guys i'm here today to show you once of my ideas for Reborn Island.

This is called The Lost Treasure of Altis and is something that on my opinion will let people farm with that little touch of more interest
and i'll explain why :D

Basicly i thought,
"What if there will be a little % of chance for everyone that pick stuff from fields to pick an Old key?! That will give then the possibility to open a special create in a RDM zone located on the bottom of the sea far away from the main Altis?"

The mechanism behind it's basicly that every player on the map that use to gather something on the fields, (every kind of field so basicly all the fields)
has the chance to pick 1 key called "Old Key" that will basicly be used to open a create deep in the sea that will have inside something like 30 Gold Bars.

Without the key ofc you will not be able to open that create... The create and all the stuff deep in the sea will be there always each restart untill someone will get the golds, then if someone will take the golds
a mexage will pop up on all the screens of all the players saying a mexage like "Someone Took the Lost Treasure of Altis!"

Think about they Key like a jack pot... like something is really rare that happen to someone and if it will happen to them and they are too scary to go to take the reward under the dangerous RDM sea then, they will have to be able to store the key inside their house and maybe, why not sell to a bid to someone else.....

Down below a video that will let you have an experience of how the place should be developed, with also a panel where people will have to be able to spawn an sdv or a boat.

I hope that you'll appriciate this kind of idea and you'll implement it cuze is really funny to have on my opinion.


Thank you for your time, have a nice day ❤️

+1 I would like to see something like this implemented into the server, maybe not every restart but maybe every week as a server event?

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4 minutes ago, WoozyOG said:

+1 I would like to see something like this implemented into the server, maybe not every restart but maybe every week as a server event?

Yea like this sounds more possible and better to run in a way that will not make the server lag, maybe players should always have the possibility for the drop of the old key but just once a week the possibility to go to that spot and for each key that they have, open the thing that will give them 30 gold each key that they use...

I really don't know ahhaha it's up to the devs and the admin cuze i really don't have a clue on wich kind of server they use...

So this is just an idea, then ofc you'll modify it to better fit with server performance if you'll like it ❤️

I'm loving the feedback ❤️

7 minutes ago, Rakeesh Patel said:

+1 sounds like a really cool idea, I can see the gameplay expanding a lot if this gets implemented. Would be a nice lil thing for a hobo that is doing a moonshine run, >sidechat: wat is an ancient key >ILL BUY IT FOR 2M 



Yea man that was my main thought, i appriciate that you have seen exacly what i meant behind this idea ❤️

Edited by The End

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A little Update about this idea, maybe the condition will have to be that just 1 key each restart can be droped and when it happen a pubblic mexage where the server sayas "An OId key have been founded on the island" will appear when someone will found it...

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