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So since i've started playing i've seen some significant developments on this server (not necessarily a bad thing) however!

The addition of Syndicate (i'm not bitching about them , so don't worry :) ) Has displaced a lot of the staff team that were playing PURE rebel. This displacement means that any feedback given from any of the staff team playing rebel will either be in short supply or bias.

So the idea is to have organised representatives for each faction. These can be chosen by the admins or gang leaders or a bit of both really. Representatives can be used to voice the concerns of each faction equally and is generally a good way to collect accurate information and solve problems without a higher up staff member being "on the ground".

Each of the factions should be given their reps for this to work eg Cops (no subgroup like TFU or NPAS), Syndicate (Varied ranks) and of course rebels or more specifically gangs. This allows all of us to have a bit more cohesion and really prevent any problems from occurring when we can provide constructive criticism about certain things that aren't being met.

For example

A certain gang is not RPing to the correct standard of which the cops or syndicate or hell another gang may like. The two or more reps of the parties involved hold a meeting to openly criticise what is wrong and how they can all fix it, an admin or a moderator should be in the channel with reps at any given time to ensure that no "flame wars" start. They then continue with the criticisms and this may lead to some form of compromise or reason behind the certain behaviour.
This then prevents things like "bad RP" to manifest into something a bit more extreme and in some cases get people banned. It solves problems before they need to become problems

Why Criticise?

Open criticism to everything around you is the key to a healthy community however the criticism must obviously be constructive not just "he's a fgt". Debates and discussions about new implementations are always healthy as the staff team may realise something they may not have initially noticed.

So? How does this help

Well if you add the points made above about this idea solving problems without the staff team it also helps the development and staff team in the long run. If all parties have certain concerns about the server or the development of the server then the staff teams have more of a direction to follow and can understand what it is the community wants from them.

This idea is ONLY an idea. Feel free to leave me some criticism :) or add some points of your own anything is welcome. The reason i wrote this is not to dig at any group or individual i genuinely care about this community and don't want to see any divides opening up anywhere.

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10 hours ago, Tidus said:

Not sure i really understand the need for this, if you have a problem with the way a gang is acting speak to their leader.

problem with cops make a police complaint,

Syndicate speak with 1 of their leaders.

Yes that is one of the ways you can solve a problem but if you read all of it. I also speak about voicing the concerns of each of the factions so that the staff team know where the majority of people stand.

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having designated reps doesnt work, as unless the staff leads are involved nothing can officially be changed, but that does not stop you talking with each other on your own, that is the right thing to do, if you see something thats wrong you can go and speak to them, any player, any faction, that is what this community is built upon, that does not mean go and say "your RP is shit", but nobody is perfect, everyone can improve, give them valid feedback and if they dont take it into cosideration, then in all honesty we dont really want those people here.

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