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My First Custom PC Build

Papa Hedge

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Ever since I was a child (back in the days where PC's were playing second fiddle to megadrives) I have been fascinated by PC's. My first job was an apprenticeship in IT Support with Electrolux though over the years my PC time was limited to just a hobby here and there as my career changed and other influences / commitments came first. Nevertheless, I have always had a computer but they have always been pre-built units that I've added bits and pieces to, to try and make it feel a little more like my own. My first PC was bought back in 1993, an Amstrad PC 5086, complete with monitor and ribbon printer! The specs (at the time) we mind-blowing! It packed in an 8MHz CPU and 640KB of RAM! It handled The 7th Guest and Monkey Island like a dream!!

Anyways, moving back into the present and no longer dwelling in my childhood...

A couple of days ago I finished building my very first custom PC. Over the past few months I've been saving, planning, replanning, ordering, building, testing, rebuilding, retesting and more retesting to get to the final build. I'm so incredibly proud of it, I thought I'd share it with you (to be honest, I've been telling anyone who will listen! - sometimes even when they're not listening!)

The Specs are as follows:

CPU - Intel i5 6600k @ 4.9GHz (I tried to get 5GHz but it's not having any of it!)

MOTHERBOARD - Gigabyte Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon

RAM - 16GB TeamGroup DDR4 @ 3200Mhz

GFX - Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming Edition

COOLING - Corsair H100i V2, Corsair AF120 Quiet Edition Exhaust Fan, Corsair AF140 Quiet Edition Exhaust Fan (both fans have changeable rings on them which I have painted to match the build)

STORAGE - 2 x Crucial BX200 240GB SSD's (1 was left over from my last PC so added one more for game storage), 1 x Western Digital 3TB HDD)

PSU - Corasir CX750

CABLES - Phantek Green PSU Cable Extension Kit

LIGHTS - 4 x 15cm Molex White LED Strips

CASE - NZXT S340 Black

I made a decision pretty late on that I'd like to overclock the CPU, so late that I'd already ordered a CM 212 Evo fan. Kind of wasted it but on the other hand, it meant I could start getting the PC together and tested in my old case until everything had been delivered.

Here are some pictures of the build......and of my toes....










So there we go. I'm very proud of it.

For those that are interested, the temperatures are as follows (in degrees C)

IDLE - CPU 20 -25

GPU 35

LOAD - CPU 45 -55 (The complete max it has been to is 76 when doing stress tests)

GPU 75 (The complete max it has been whilst benchmarking on Heaven)

So there we go, that's about it. Like I've said before, I'm super proud of completing it and absolutely love how it looks. I've been thinking about naming it but can't come up with anything that I really like, anyone got some ideas?

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58 minutes ago, IceZaroth said:

"Jade Onyx Momentum"

Obviously Jade for green highlights, Onyx for the amount of black in there and best for last Momentum for Energy, Speed, Agility, 4.9ghz from a i5 ain't to be sniffed at

That's a cool name, a bit on the long side though. I've been gradually upping the speed every couple of days, alas it just doesn't want to hit that magic 5ghz :(

21 minutes ago, GenuineAF said:

Can see you really put effort into this one though. Really like the nice aesthetic touches ;)

I really wanted it to look minimalistic yet have enough about it to look like it's got some beef under the hood. From day one I knew I wanted black with an accent. Originally it was going to be orange but I settled with green as I felt it had a better contrast.

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