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Comp for GreenZone killed.


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A community support representative told me to post this in order to get compensation for being killed in green zone. I had just purchased my very expensive loadout and guns and then went to Kavala. I had Combat Fatigues [MTP], Combat Helmet Camo (the one with the ghillie wrap on top), A tan Bandana, a CTRG Plate Carrier Rig Mk. 2, Carryall Backpack in Khaki, Mx 6.5 mm with suppressor, bipod, a ARCO sight and 9 mags. After I got that, I went to Kavala. In kavala I was walking around looking at stuff and walked into a building in the green zone. I walked in a there was a guy standing there I can only remember the part of his name it was Deadly. SO I walked in and I was like "woah you scared me there haha I didn't expect that" He looked at me and then shot me in the head. The guy did not say a word to me at all and just killed me. Keep in mind, we were still in the green zone, plus he killed me without saying a word. I asked the guy to go TS in the side chat and he said back "whats teamspeak" I explained and then I said you killed me in the green zone and you didn't say a word that's RDM. He then goes "whats RDM" and "whats the greenzone" I told the guy to go to teamspeak once again or to give me all the money for my loadout. The guy then said nothing and left the game. He never gave me comp or came to TS. I am trying to get comp for my loadout because I was killed in GREENZONE and he didn't even say a word to me while doing it. Thanks -Aommies

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