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A Harassment Glove


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51 minutes ago, IceZaroth said:

Allow me to start you off with the Subject/title of the thread which is a anagram of:

Thread title: A Harassment Glove = Solve the anagrams

First section: A Headway Vaunt Toll Yum = What a lovely autumn day

I'm sure you get the picture now and can work out the rest :)

Hmm harrasment glove... il buy one

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19 minutes ago, IceZaroth said:

The Completed Anagram ...

A Headway Vaunt Toll Yum, Shaft Beef Met Mrs, A Chad Refereeing Entitles Zoos Us, Ethic Mouse Wooly Two, A Cede Gentle Net Whisk Hunt


What a lovely autumn day, The Staff Members, Neo Adster Fuel Genesis IceZaroth, Wish to welcome you to, The Testing Launch Weekend

I knew that just didn't want to spoil it for others

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