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Combat Spawning Rule


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For some reason I feel as though I've said something like this before, I've looked through the forums and I can't find anything so apoligies if this has already been said.

The suggestion is that a 'Combat Spawning' rule is added.

I've had some ridiculous situations where some completely random factor has been added out of no-where. The one that's causing me to write this is a situation in which a gang was in an Orca at drug dealer. We threaten to shoot the helicopter if they fly away (Completely empty threat xd). They fly away and so we shoot at them. We shoot each other for a bit as they drop a couple of people off but they quickly get picked up once again. I then make my way back to the drug dealer. I begin to crush their vehicles (As it's been 3 minutes since the last shot was fired) and as I do that, a constable informs me of an Ifrit driving around at the same time NCU is whispering saying that there's a HEMTT Box doing Heroin. I obviously assume they're together and so I keep my gun lowered and stay friendly. The Ifrit then stops a little bit up the beach and someone hops out. He looks at me for a good few seconds so I assume he's going to RP and then he shoots me on the spot. Absolutely ridiculous that I can't defend myself because if I shoot him then he'll complain about me having 'Poor RP' and saying 'RDM!' kinda thing.

Also, there's nothing to stop a group of rebels to do a bank heist and simply get one guy to sit at the air hangar and wait to spawn an Orca/other armoured vehicle to transport the gold. It's unrealistic to assume that a player would have a multitude of vehicles at there fingertips that's conviniently placed near the ongoing situation. I'm sure it's just chance that all his vehicles were transported there.

It adds an unpredictable part to the game which makes people want to defend themselves, but they also don't want to get banned. It's a restriction that would obviously not happen in real life. If you see an armoured vehicle turn up to an area in which a gunfight was IRL then you'd obviously disable it. Unfortunately for us, we can't do that. Let's not have people be afraid to defend themselves incase they get evicted from the island.

The rule itself would add a restriction to when and where you can spawn a vehicle in a combat scenario. You'd have to be something like 1-3km away from the gunfight to spawn any vehicle to participate in the gunfight with.

I'm unsure as to how this'll be recieved but it's an annoying aspect of the game that's really unenjoyable. To me at least.

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