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Remove CSAT Fatigues or Nerf them.


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CSAT Fatigues and other means of very op clothing can easily be accessed by rebel gangs. Even with the CSAT Fatigues costing 100-200k per set, they are still very affordable and easy to get hold of. Combine this with a carrier special rig and you've basically got iron man. It's a little unfair to cops and other factions that don't yet have access to this clothing.

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I don't understand what people think about CSATs. CSATs are not that strong. Combined with a vest then yeah, you can soak up a few extra shots however, people seem to believe that vests protect every single body part and combined with CSATs they are "OP".

If you are fighting someone that is wearing both a rig and CSATs aim for an area which is unprotected

For example


This cancels out the armour rating of the rig they are wearing and they will only be able to take as much as the clothing they are wearing. :)

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3 hours ago, AndrewFam said:

If a person manages to rob TFU or NCU during an operation they deserve to be "iron man" for a short while before they die. CSAT isn't as OP as people say, just an extra bullet or so. Either take your time to line up the headshot or move your hand and left click to get another shot on target.

It's not necessarily people just "robbing TFU". It's gangs getting hold of a Carrier Special then duping them, allowing said gang to have an infinite supply of Carrier Specials + CSAT Fatigues.

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