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The trip to England

Isaac Wolf

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Role play story

today was a rushed day. I had a trip to England planned but altis

being altis most of the planes were cancelled. Now you probably want to know why I'm on the way to a hospital. Well it started when I was gathering silver I saw some people there friendly enough until the guns came out of hiding. It all went smoothly I had nothing of interest on me and they let me go back into my helicopter. I flew away hoping to get a good look at the number plate of the car I didn't look correctly and my chopper started to lose altitude I was so high up I could make it to the airfield fine but I wasn't sure what was going on. I quickly realised that they had cut my aircraft fuel storage with a sharp stone. I had to land but how I couldn't without hurting anyone so I flew to the airfield hoping that nobody was there I was lucky. Although that is what I thought. My helicopter was losing altitude way to fast and the landing was going to be very bumpy. I crashed on the airfield. I was rushed to the athira airport and treated my wounds as a medical student I had before hand applied the right amount of pressure possibly saving my leg but I realised that I had some metal in my throat. I couldn't do anything with that. Anyway after being told that this metal would make a whistling sound whenever I talked I thanked the doctors for saving my life. The metal thing had a few lucky holes and I could still breath. But was advised to plan a trip to England where I could get an operation from the doctors there who had proper training and equipment. And this is where I am on the way to the hospital.

real life

this is the reason I have been gone for a bit because of a hardrive problem with my computer everybody could hear a constant whistling sound and it was very annoying. And don't worry I'm not in any hospital I am completely fine. This whistling sound also ruined rp so that is why I have been away for a bit (and because of bad internet) so I hope to see you all very soon as my dad is here tomorrow and I will try fix it then. Also if not I know someone who can fix it. (And no it is not the same person who fixed it last time) so hope to see you all again before this next week is over ?

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