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Negotiation rule during federal reserve and Evidence locker


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This is one of the most ridiculous rules i have ever seen in my life, The police will at almost any time of the day outnumber any gang on the server as they are around 20-30 on during the evening and there is a 10 man rule for the fed. The negotiation rule does one thing and one thing only, allow the cops to spot every single robber set up and kill them the second negotiations go south. We were robbing the evidence locker today and this is what happened during the negotiation, http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198084293960/screenshot/88218791290922574. Before the fight had even started they had spotted atleast half of our guys and they do outnumber us, so essentialy the rule give the police an even larger advantage than they already have from outnumbering the robbers. I mean look at that screenshot, the guy can sit behind and wait for the negotiations to go south, and then boom. Same happened to another member of the gang and it litteraly ruins the idea of robbing for example an evidence lockup. The only way for that not to happen is if everyones inside the building wich makes it boring as hell. Once a robbery goes off you should be intiated on police in the area, or the police can only send in a negotiator and if any other officer is spotted they can be killed on site. http://plays.tv/video/5880f3acd614cc74c9/absolute-bullshit-advantages Shows what happened before and after the screenshot.

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