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I was told to 'help' the new student..

Alex Teeq

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Just now, Lewis said:

What's wrong with that @Jamz? nice to see the AMS team bonding tbh.

Just stating the obvious mate.

...bit weird to see the AMS acting as if they suckin' each other off tho, tbh lol.

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16 hours ago, Lewis said:

AMS - Where true friends are mad

^ Best quote 2017

18 hours ago, Jamz said:

...bit gay

^ Not homophobic are ya @Jamz ;)

17 hours ago, Chelston said:

What is wrong with medics?

Never heard of a "Brojob" before?

But i do have to say @Alex Teeq and @Liam Greenfield Do not do this on duty! What if the government caught you? We would all be in a little bit of trouble.

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