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Increasing donation goal


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Increasing the donation goal will ultimately see that the server lasts for quite a long time, looking at the donation goal now it is set at £200.
I know once it reaches that people stop donating as that is the required amount for half price in game i believe, by still keeping that as the required amount
for half price but adding an extra £30 to £50 to the donation goal will help in the long run if any unexpected extra server costs occur.

Looking at Neo's monthly summary regarding expenditure there is always some money slightly left over but as we all want this server to last for quite sometime
it may need abit more development in the future. Having the extra cash at hand to maybe hire a part time developer to better the server even more would be good
or to even pay some of the developers at the minute for the hard work as i know its all voluntary.

All in all my suggestion is to add the extra money just incase anything unexpected happens or we need to upgrade to better servers etc...

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32 minutes ago, Fuel said:

But something like this is not my call, what do people think of making it the server total cost say plus 10%?

I like this idea of this personally. It's future proofing the server :)

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