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David Johansson

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In-game name:
David Johansson

Steam ID:

Date of ban:

Staff member that banned you:
Roy Rogers

Reason for ban:
Me being a fucking jerk on a robbery and bad RP

Why do you think you were banned:
Well I watched the video he sent in on the forum report and I totally agree with this guy that i had bad RP and he rather would like a longer RP robbery than a fast 3 minutes long bad RP robbery so i totally agree and I know thats why i got banned for these 7 days

Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why:
I do not think so at all, I did wrong and I know that but to be honest he wrote that he just had been revived by medic i guess and I actually had no idea of that. My friend never told me that. I know that I had no reason to kill him but I just wanted to make the robbery fast because i needed to help my dad and I have no idea if this sounds fishy or anything but its true. He wasnt salty or anything so I had no reason at all to kill him and this mistake/bad RP will not happen from me again. It was just all my fault for being a jerk just that moment.

If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned:
Well i know what I did wrong and I was stressed AF but as I said before it was just me being a jerk and I will NOT do this type of stuff again. If i rob with some of my friends i think Ill just let them talk instead ;) and if i actually get unbanned I can comp him i dont really mind because I still have hes stuff and he can get some money too if he wants and i dont know hes name now but Ill just look at the video again and as soon as i know hes name and me being unbanned i wil comp him if he want it.

Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban:
well as i said before i was stressed and had to go help my dad and if you guys dont believe that i dont really mind but i know the truth atleast, and if I get unbanned today i will not make this type of mistake again and i might aswell comp him.

Please confirm you've read & understood the rules

Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe

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