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Some Suggestions


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Just a list off suggentions which i think would help the server outa lot.

Make the other drugdealers also usefull. Right now the only drug dealer that gets used is in Kavala. Sofia doesn't get used at all and Athira a little bit. Altis is such a big map, why not move a few runs towards the east side off the island?

Spread activities more along the island - Every drug run right now goes down to the west of Athira. I think it would make a lot more sense to spread it out more, have like 1 or two runs on the east side off the island. The server is growing a lot and there are enough police officers to patrol the whole island. If this happends in theory, in my opinion it would be good to make both drugdealers sell for the same amount. Given that they get used equal amounts.

Move drugdealers out of spawnareas - Especially the Kavala drug dealer right now is awfull. It is just always a clusterfuck of hobo's trolling around, people fleeing into the greenzone and cops just camping the general area. There are loads of compounds around Athira and Kavala which would suit a drug dealer perfectly. This is not meant as a rebel buff, it is to improve the general experience people get on the server. Besides from that a lot off people suffer frameloss in Kavala or near it.

Adjust/buff or remove spice - Spice is processed cocaine and pot processed together into spice. However Spice sells for less then 1 pot and 1 processed cocaine. That does not make much sense and people just don't do this run for that reason. My suggesion would be make spice so that is is raw cocaine and marijuana, or buff the price even further.

Add another mineral trader - There is only one point on the whole map where you can sell processed minerals ( silver, copper etc.) It would make a lot more sense to have a similar dealer somewhere near Athira. That suggestion kind off builds further on where I mentioned to basically spread activities more along the map.

Adjust prices on rebel guns - The AK-12 is the most expensive weapon in the advanced rebel store right now. The MK-1 and MK-18 are a lot cheaper then it, while in the enviroment this server created ( CSAT's in the game) they are superior to the AK-12. The Spar-17 is also massively overpriced since it not that good off a rifle in general.

Remove silencers for 6.5 + - This one is more what i personally prefer, but i think a community poll on it would be a good idea. There are lots of reasons to remove these silencers.

Adjust decamp script - Right now the decamp holster script just feels really odd and clunky. Why adjust it so that you just can't shoot for anywhere up to 1-3 seconds after decamping. This way you can at least run out of your car without being put into a animation of lowering your gun as soon as you get out. It still has the same effect as in people can't shoot for a few seconds after decamping but makes everything more smooth.

Make all legal licences buyable at the DVLA - A lot easyer for new players who want to look at what they can actually do with their starting money. Prevents hobo's from starting a run for example silver and realising half way through they don't have enough money to buy the licence.

Add more garages - There are just not enough spread around the map at this time. Rebel outposts and capture area's are where they are needed the most in my opinion. Zaros also has no garage while there is a clothing store etc. there.

None off this is meant to start a argument with staff or other players. I'm just trying to improve the general experience on this server and get it to grow even further. I've noticed you guys do take community suggestions into account, so thats why i decided to create this topic. I wouldn't mind to help by making what i think would be a more balanced map, just let me know if anyone in the dev team would be interested to see.

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+1 All of these, maybe not the suppressors, personally think they should be increased in price. Drug dealers I can't stress enough about. The server gets 120 slots every night, like PJ said there is more than enough people to go around the whole map, not just that cluster in kavala.

The decamp script needs to be changed, badly. It is very clunky and I think that is what people want gone. Again in what PJ said we just want a timer to restrict us from shooting for a period of time. Anyone who played or seen GrandTheftArma knows about this. Old system is too clunky and there isn't a reason to update it

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3 minutes ago, BgK said:

I'd personally prefer removing suppressors. Just my thoughts


Leave your thoughts.

Surely if there is actually gonna be a poll, it won't be done through strawpoll. Can't you just see what the community has to say about it and if the staff team is interested in it they make a poll?

Also, you can vote unlimited amounts of times on strawpoll:')

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Removing suppressors for all weapons above 6.5mm may have an increased chance of prolonged role play (i know you boys like this stuff).

For example my dudes - A sniper setting up to ambush some cops with his mates is really going to put some extra brain power into where he wants to set up, since his first shot (without a suppressor) will give him away. This will make gangs want to RP for longer and maybe avoid certain situations where you fighting is involved.

The license idea is brilliant, this has been done on other communities - i know. But the main point is it gives hobos and new players a bit more perspective on what they can afford and over all gives them a bit more guidance.
It will remove the risk of a hobo doing a copper run, getting to the processor to realise he hasn't got the license then he just goes "fuck this" and logs out. The implementation of the legal licenses at the DVLA will help prevent this.

The Spice idea is a no brainer really the weight and time of the run is far too long and you are better off doing both runs separately (Weed and coke).

One of the suggestions i would like to put forward would be the implementation of a patrol base in Agios for the cops. Agios is where most of the shit kicks off after any of the restarts and if cops are there pretty much right after restart then it just helps the hobos out that little bit more.

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45 minutes ago, Sage said:

I like the cool idea's. Adding onto the removal of suppressors, I'd like to see the removal of csat fatigues & long range scopes.

I believe this ceates a higher skill cap.

I'd say keep something like the DMS if you were going to do anything like that. I know the DMS isn't exactly a long range scope but it's good enough for mid ranges and some people like the scope. Even just removing the LRPS would be nice imo. If suppressors would be removed I'd say keep them. Just my thoughts.

On to the suppressors. I feel like removing 6.5mm+ is a bit much. Maybe remove LMG suppressors (Don't actually know if you can get them as rebel) and 7.62mm suppressors. I do like the idea of sneaking around with a Vermin or SPAR-16. If you've played some of the apex missions you really feel like a ninja with the SPAR-16.

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In my opinion we shouldn't remove suppressors or scopes at all.... i won't increase role play at all it will just make u easier to spot in gunfights and removing the scopes would just take sniping out of a shooting game.

I't would just make more sense to give police sniper scopes so that they can actually combat the snipers, from a certain rank on of course.

Remove CSAT sounds fine to me.

I don't really think rebels need another price increase however the pricing and balancing is not a bad idea.

The rest looks good to me.

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48 minutes ago, Tidus said:

removing the scopes would just take sniping out of a shooting game.

Nope. You'll just need to get good at using the a/m/rco at longer distances. More skill. More fun. Once it gets to a subconscious level where you can just tell the distances based on eye value and where to lead etc with these scopes kills are a lot more satisfying than pressing page up...

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It's a roleplay server, even for the shooting side its meant to be realistic.

On 1/16/2017 at 2:49 PM, PJPLEB said:

There are lots of reasons to remove these silencers.

What exactly are these reasons?

Rebels would be able to get a hold of suppressors (even if they are homemade), and police should too, with certain ranks / roles (although could be a little more lenient than it currently is). Although I agree with the removal of LMG suppressors, just for the fact that realistically LMG suppressors burn out within a few hundred rounds, or after an extended use in a short burst.

With sights, there shouldn't be need to have a higher "skill cap", or any for that matter, just because someone is a better CQB player doesn't mean that people at longer distance should suffer and be forced into these situations. Police do get these longer range scopes with training and ranks, and lower rank police are forced into CQB situations anyway since they only have CQB - mid ranged weapons (if anyone tries to snipe with a MK20 should be demoted). Plus, why would you use a mid range scope for long ranges if you have access to them, not just in-game in general.

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6 hours ago, Squid said:

Police do get these longer range scopes with training and ranks, and lower rank police are forced into CQB situations anyway since they only have CQB - mid ranged weapons (if anyone tries to snipe with a MK20 should be demoted). Plus, why would you use a mid range scope for long ranges if you have access to them, not just in-game in general.

Police dont get sniper scopes at all... NCU get a shitty dms... TFU got sniper scopes... High ranking officers dont.

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