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Civ Wallet

Chev Chelios

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Love the script that allows you to check if people have a licence and give out tickets while people are not in restraints. Taking it one step further and something I have not seen before is adding an interactive menu to police.

So you get pulled over, jump out police want to see your car/truck/firearms ETC licence you then windows key on the officer, menu pops up choose "show licence whatever" then it shows on the officers screen. Can also add ID to the menu to prove to Police who you are.

You could also expand this to all and move money from the y menu to the "wallet" for when its carried on person, I mean you could even add the rob mechanic that when you rob someone you steal there wallet and are able to show others players licences and ID to police. For example Bob robs Tod, Bob then has Tods ID and licences and can chose to show them to the police instead. Tod still keeps a copy of his for game mechanic reasons or you could add a reg office or something that Tod needs to go to get a copy of his details back.

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i thought about doing something similar before, but the whole wallet system doesnt work, as player x gets player y to rob there wallet and gg, no ID.

It is extremely exploitable.

I even thought about making a virtual item that if you lose it you need to go the the dvla to replace it, but player x would just drop it and gg no ID.

The menu system is being redone as we speak, but a movable/removable/robbable wallet is not the future im afraid.

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