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Legal Means To Carry Current Illegal Firearms

Chev Chelios

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Due to the huge amount of gangs and rebels on Altis we are forcing law abiding citizens to break the law by carrying illegal weapons for there own protection. This by default makes them uncooperative dealing with Gov forces on the island.


Add a "Class 5 Firearms Licence" to the Gun Store on par with the costs or a rebel licence (you can only have class 5 or rebel licence) that allows you to buy auto Riles & Sub Guns up to 5.56. I would also suggest that this Licence is lost if the owner is sent to jail.

This then gives people options when doing legal means of money making to protect themselves. It also opens up avenues of "goody gangs" calling themselves PMCs, Protection services ETC while not falling foul of the law. This hopefully leading to more conducive roleplay and fun allowing people to stop for Police knowing they will not lose there Rifle.


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I would say i would like to see this idea, with a new license which gives access to 5.56 and then i'll be seen as legal to have for the persons carrying the license, yet i need to address that this migth be abused, also for robbing civs or other human beings, therefore, if this is implemented there should be a license revoke system for the police released together with it, so in case of abuse, it can be removed from them.

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+1 to this.

In my opinion it would be a logical move to add a class system to the weaponry that is currently circulating around the island and being used by both the civilian populace and insurgent forces.

For example -

a class 1 firearm being small arms being anything up to and including .45 ACP

a class 2 being anything up to and including a 5.56

a class 3 or illegal firearm being anything past 5.56.

This way, if civilians are caught brandishing a certain class of firearm we can take action accordingly, such as caution, seize, or seize + large fine.

The civilians populace of the island do, in some cases, need more firepower to protect themselves from the insurgent forces that pose a direct threat to their possessions, or in extreme cases their lives. As Chev said, anything up to and including 5.56 should be sufficient enough, and in my opinion, legalised with the correct documentation and licensing of course.

With that being said, if this were to be implemented it would have to be damn expensive. The license being at the very least 100k and weaponry/ammunition not coming cheap either.

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