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Harry Lewis

Police Officer Applications of Interest

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I am happy to say that for the time being, we will be letting police officers apply to the NHS with the much shorter NHS Application of Interest. This is because we recognise that applying to the police and being accepted is difficult enough on its own, and we want to give police officers the opportunity to have a break from the cops to roleplay as a medic. Everyone should feel welcome to try it out!

Link: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/13-nhs-application-of-interest/


CSO, PCSO, C, SC get the rank of Nurse (NUR) after training
SGT and above get the rank of First Responder (FR) after training

Why would you want to join?

ÔÇó Medics are protected by law and server rules against maltreatment
ÔÇó You get to see a different side of Altis life
ÔÇó You get to see lots of different parts of the map and meet lots of different people

What do you start off with?

ÔÇó NUR: All medical gear, SUV, Hatchback, £12,500 paycheck
ÔÇó FR: All medical gear, Hatchback, SUV, Offroad, Access to join a branch*, £15,000 paycheck

*Joining a branch opens up a variety of vehicles, including boats, helicopters and hunters, as well as the possibility of redzone access.

Application Process

1. Apply here
2. Wait for a response
3. Pass interview
4. Begin student training (NUR and FR will have to do this, with no cooldown)
(The above can all be completed in a couple of hours).


NHS Command

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