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K. Jacobs

Phoenix (Reborn Bot)

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In-game Name:

K. Jacobs

Steam ID:


Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:

0100 GMT+1

Link to player report:

Lost Items and Estimated Value:

800k - Thorium and Tempest Device

Please provide as much detail as possible:

I was arrested at the drug dealer, kavala, and I had no chance of putting my car in the garage, so I synced (To be safe), but apparently it didn't save my vehicle, and I got no vehicles or keys.

Any Evidence Available:

Same as Detail, see the logs for my arrest/I bought the vehicle.

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Just to try and speed things up for you...

Please note that the Staff team are unable to process a compensation request submitted through the Reborn Roleplay BOT account.

Please make a forum account and re-submit your compensation request and attach any evidence to help the Staff team with any issues.


Regarding this compensation request, I would personally assume that with you being arrested at a drug dealer, your vehicle would have been searched under a drugs act and therefore if the police did find any drugs your truck would have been crushed. If your vehicle has been crushed, then you will not have access to it again and you will have to buy a new one =)

Hope this helps speed things up for you!

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