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Federal Reserve/HM


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hello feds are too easy right now 5 ppl can easily pull it off

things that can make it better:

1. Add that after 15mins cop/rebel can comeback

2. Make maybe drilling more hard that you have to go into every dome to get gold spread them all over 5-6 domes idk exact number

3. Give cops strider/orca or more hunters so they can try to breach into it harder and actually push it

4. Asylum has ladders where when it put cops can get over the walls but idk if thats good idea tbh, diff ppl might have diff opinions about this one

i hope you guys can suggest also some ideas and make them more fun, because right now its easy for us to do it, but its way too easy

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Idk i am a rebel but i am making police benefit, however 5v20 feds are too ez, we enjoy money, but at this numerous times we have pulled it off it aint fun, me and matty did 2v15+ APD lockup if that was implemented we wouldve never done it. So idk shit is too ez men. I imagine it even 2 gangs teaming up for it or lots of ppl like 10+, not few

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