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This has probably been requested many times, and has probably declined, but I think it would be an interesting endgame item. I think that it could add a more roleplay element to houses, which are right now storage for your gear. I believe not many people (like rebels) will use it, as it is a decorative item only, however it can open multiple careers. People can create furniture, which will give them money. For example: cutting down trees, creating the furniture and selling it. Lumberjacks can also sell their wood to sawmills or other areas. 

I have seen this work on a Tanoa server and other servers, so I know it is possible. However it is up to the devs to see if it is worth the mission file space. This, obviously, shouldn't be top priority however I believe it should be considered.

I do realise that people can cover up windows with this system, though I believe this is a completely fair use of items. This makes it a gamble, if you wanted to rob the person for example.

Only problem I see with this is FPS and mission file space. So I believe a limit on how much you can place can be useful, to help FPS. However mission file cannot be altered without removal of other things which is unnecessary. 


Here is some screenshots of how it could work:



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