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Arma 3 APEX Key Giveaway !!!!


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I would love to get this Apex key but not for me! There is a friend of mine who plays ArmA for a few weeks every month, you ask why I would want to give him a key for ArmA even though he doesnt play online regularly. Well theres more to it he lives in a fairly remote place in south africa and the only accesses he has to wifi is through a little 3g/4g dongle that he uses that gets topped up for fairly cheap rates but the problem is he works full time in a factory (only work out there) and so he cant afford to have a full month of wifi and as a result can only play for a week or so at a time ontop of this he really wants Apex but alas he can't afford it and so If I got a code I would give it to him, It really would mean the world to him.

Its a shame rally hes a good player and has a great humour but I only get to play with him for a short amount of time and the things that some amy take for granted such as wifi and possibly a few steam games is a big chunk of his income! I think you get the picture :)

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Hello, and thanks for the giveaway. I'd like to win the apex key because I don't have apex DLC and I'd like to drive in dem buggies.

I am no native English speaker so It's hard to make a long story about my krippling depression.

And none of my real life friends have it so no one can drive in apex vehicles.

Later added: I cant use decent constable weapon either (scar/spar?) (And yeah I dont have forum police tag yet, dunno why)

Good luck 2 all.

Yours sincirely,

Freak Vonk

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I would like it because a hobo need a jeep for hobo things

why I should have it because giraffe..... Yes I did just say giraffe

Damn to late oh well this hobo is gonna save up for a while.. And probably use the money on drugs... Don't judge me! We all know that you have begged for drugs fand om people with big guns!

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