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Amazing RP!

Daniel Stiletto

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33 minutes ago, Matty said:

Just stating the fact that every time i see you your jumping out of your car with hands up or die or hands up or you will be shot. So dont start chatting shit about us having bad rp

36 minutes ago, Matthew said:

I was simply just stating a fact that Mw cant rp ;)@[Mw] Jay

You both have something in common I guess then

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I've learnt that you should not throw rocks when you're living in a house made of glass yourself.

Now i've seen both gangs from different perspectives and the RP that is being provided is nowhere close to SoE, it's hard to build up a good reputation, it's easy to get a bad reputation, because people think back on the bad things instead of the good things.

I will not be picking sides of Matthew nor MW, but true MW has been recommended, once? or twice i do not recall, this will not make up for people's memory about all the bad situations, and in regard to matthew, you've not been the best one either back in days, as far i know you got quite a ban record, else i exchange you with another one.

So should we stop throwing rocks?

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7 hours ago, Matthew said:

*cough* Mw *Cough*

Yeah we cant' Rp now do somethin about it, we play by the rules and we don't touch other hobos/small gangs, there is VG that are probably like minded so we will be fighting them more and enjoy that. We do RP less than others but when we do it, we'll make sure youre having good time,

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