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@Peanut I'm going to have to disagree with you buddy. I like how Athira is - if we made every spawn town a greenzone, it'll be both boring for both cops and rebels. It's fun to interact, fight and RP in Athira with protection of the greenzone. Kavala understandably has a greenzone and I think it should it should be one of the only areas to have that. I think it should be kept the way it is right now.

If someone goes to Athira, they should know the risks in being in the town. Police are next to Athira and do patrol around that area.

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Agios..... the place where shit gets real...

To be honest, Our map is designed dynamically...

If the police can actually keep Athira safe, it might get greenzones popping up...

Right now, from what I've witnessed, 90% of patrols start in Kavala, and Kavala is only empty on bank jobs or APD...

We need intel like this to dynamically modify our map to suit events.

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