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Special police horn

Freak Vonk

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Hello, I have been playing as a police officer for a few days now. I noticed that a lot of civillians (mainly 'hobos') don't understand that you're trying to pull them over when you are using a normal horn. My suggestion is that the server adds another horn which you can use as a police officer when clicking (for example B). I think this usefull for better quality RP and it makes it easier for cops to know if someone doesn't understand that you are trying to pull them over or if someone is trying to get away. I hope someone reads this and thinks about it, at least I think it is a usefull tool for better RP.

Yours sincirely,

Freak Vonk

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9 hours ago, Battl^^Eye said:

@Freak Vonk What do you mean by a normal horn? We have sirens and Police lights, that's plenty of warning for anyone to pull over.

I mean every car has a horn but I'd like another one for police officers so that you don't have to put your sirens on because someone isn't wearing their seatbelt. It would make a short kind of siren sound. In real life, the cops also have something simulair to that.

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