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Heavy arms dealer


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Lord of war is a nice edition to the server. But I havent seen anybody do it in a while.

What I am suggesting is a Heavy arms dealer that sells these heavier machinerie. It requires a different license that should be made expensive. If you have the license you can get acces to these weapon but they are not cheap.

I am talking about the weapons such as:

Car95 1, Lim, mk200, ASP, LRPS, maybe even a mar10 and other heavy machinerie. Dont get me wrong, a mar10 is not even that overpowered (single fire only).

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Wouldn't this just make the Lord of War completely useless though?

I'm sure people wouldn't mind doing "that one extra weed run" if it saved them the 3-5 hours (guessing) of time it takes to make the weapon itself.

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