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Street Vendor Liscense

Alex Nikos

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I have an idea for people to trade and make more money easier. We could add a street trader license that allows for selling goods on the street. This would allow for poeple such as hobos to sell items such as apples to the civilians of Altis for a cheaper price and so they can make profit easier. This would work with someone placing a marker on them with "P Market" (portable Market) This would signify them as an average market. they may sell anything that is in the market as well as certain goods such as; iron, salt, brick, clay etc.

I think this would add a new level of role-play as you would bargain for prices and i think you could have a laugh doing it. this is because you could come up with a name for your market stall and what you're panning to sell there, issues with products and slogans to lure customers to your new source of income.

Rules for Street Vendors

1. you are not allowed to rob a vendor when he is selling his goods (if you could everyone would do it and it would ruin the fun)

2. No camping the vendor so when he "closes up shop" to leave or purchase more goods to sell you can then rob him.

3. If you sell goods without a license you will be fined or your goods will be confiscated and further charges may be applied

4. vendors cannot set up shop on main roads or be more than 1 Kilometer from a town or city. This means that you cant have someone have a shop next to the salt mine or on the highway somewhere.


i was wondering if we could have some sort of vendor clothing. so when you buy their license you have access to a clothing that allows for people to easily recognize you. i was thinking the marshal's clothing. Furthermore in the attached image i was wondering if admins could come up with a script that would be on the scroll wheel with "set up market" this would place a table in front you (like in the attached image) therefore making it feel more realistic. the script also automatically place a marker on your position, this would just make it easier and feel more official.

When you are finished you can scroll to find a "close market" action. This will remove the table and the marker and therefore closing your market. another thing to add would be that the market will close itself if the vendor strays to far away from it. lets say 20 meters or so.

Thanks for your time and i look forward to feedback and questions. ^_^


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Sounds amazing.

Considering having more scroll wheel functions is annoying (for me at least) change it to windows key inside a car if one has a license.

Make it possible to "upgrade" the portable market: Level 1: table and chair one can sit in next to/behind vehicle. Level 2: two chairs next to table, possible a tent or those sun shaders over the table. Level 3: something better.

Make it possible to place portable markets anywhere on the map, I can't see a downside from this, if market owner is an idiot placing his market in the middle of the road, then police cab simply ask him to move.

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