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Manufacturing and Dynamic Market


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I would call this suggestion Lord of War Expansion.

The idea is that legal professions can use the legal resources to make items used in the world, there would be a legal manufacturing and illegal manufacturing branch.

Legal Manufacturing would be:

All vehicles including heavy trucks

Illegal Manufacturing would be:

All weapons

Now part of this is adding a dynamic market for guns/vehicles, similar to our dynamic market for goods

All car vendors would only sell hatchbacks, SUV's, Jeeps, and small trucks.

Sports hatchbacks and all heavy trucks would need to be created

All gun vendors only sell pistols, SMG's, and the rebel outposts only sell assault rifles up to 5.56 MM caliber

Anything above 6.5 mm caliber would have to be made.

So for example, John makes 10 MX 6.5 MM rifles, and john sells them to the blackmarket. The stock on the island of MX rifles is now only 10, and once they are all purchased, more need to be made. John and his gang later get into a gunfight with a rebel gang, and they loot multiple weapons. They can sell these weapons on the blackmarket and the stock of these weapons on the island will go up.

This also controls and regulates arms on the island, and makes legal professions more lucrative.

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Huge +1 for this, as it was something that was mentioned a while ago. The other suggestion was police always have mk20c, however they get weekly shipments of bigger weapons, wich rebels have the chance to rob as they are in convoy from point A to point B and if the police fail to secure get them, then thats something that the police have lessof/none for that week

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To be honest This would just cause even more robberies and gunfights, Trucks and hatchback sports would constantly get robbed as they would be classed as hard to get items.

As for weapons having to be made that would just cause the rebels to constantly rob the guns from the cops.

Plus the fact that anybody doing the runs for the items to make these products would be robbed nonestop.

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