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Hold-Ups and Mugging


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I understand that mugging people is often quite a fun aspect of the game and it's going to happen to everyone at some point during their time on the server. However, i think it's ridiculous that people can just mug people one after the other without even waiting before their previous one. New players to the server are extremely vulnerable to this and puts them off coming on the server again.his ridiculous. There has been many times that the same player has mugged me straight after respawning at the same location. So my suggestion is that you enforce a rule which states that players must wait a period of time before carrying out another mugging.

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People will always rob no matter what as they roleplay as rebels... however they shouldn't really rob/mug fresh spawns if anything they should help them,

However when you say " There has been many times that the same player has mugged me straight after respawning at the same location" that would mean that you have broken the NLR rule which means that you cannot return to within 1km location of your death for 15 minutes. To be honest they are probably robbing you purely because you are breaking the new life rule.

2 minutes ago, Nabs said:

Prehaps more guidance in how a New person should start life on the server?

Honestly i think its better that the isn't really a tutorial sort of thing as it makes people have to actually communicate with others and ask them what is the best way to start, I'm sure most people will help however they can.

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I like the idea you raised about new players having to communicate with other members of the server , but not many players will actually help as they'll jump to the opportunity of mugging a new player. There are a few exceptions of helpful players such as the regulars on the server and forums and also the police force. I also didn't realise that the NLR was specific to 1km I just thought you couldn't return to the same spot and carry on the scenario, so thanks for informing me

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I can set this straight as someone who gets robbed a lot. People will rob you.

Adding a rule to stop people from consecutive robbery will be hard to monitor although possible.

The point is its your own fault for not avoiding that situation. ie. when you go to the garage in athira and you have all guns on deck and your CSAT fatigues on, your gonna get robbed. If you wanna avoid getting robbed, hide your shit, and roleplay.

Most of the players here let face it are banned from other communities and around 70% would rather shoot than speak if they had the chance and it will stay like that for a while if people don't "Condition" themselves to the fact this is a roleplay server. Push RP and if they don't want any of it, report them.

I say this as someone who kills (or at least tries to) kill a lot of people... If 2 parties are willing to RP then it's fair game. You are the creator of what happens next.


If you wanna make money, start from the bottom and work your way up. Do diamonds/iron/copper in a heli or small truck then move onto illegal stuff like weed and coke afterwards do gun running. If you do the maths you can make a lot with the lord of war feature added in a few updates back.



Alternatively do meth or spice.

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