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AA/RAC Service ( Breakdown Service )

Dmitry Ivanov

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Greetings all.

Its so annoying to breakdown in the middle of no where,And worse is when you are in a truck loaded with good peach's *wink wink * and you break down in the middle of the road and you are scared someone may come and take your precious peach's, And its all because you forgot to bring an extra toolkit, And when you get allot its to much to carry, and sometimes you just run out due to your bad driving hehe, Point is we all have bean there wear we break down with out having a toolkit or running out of toolkit, This Idea would help others who are in need in bad situation, And it will give players an extra job or new thing to do as i would say,

When i used to play back in Arma 3 life Server i had my own lil business going on, Which was like RAC or AA ( Car services for breaking down ), So I just go out to people who break down to repair there vehicle for a certain amount of fee All depending on the Distance, So i was thinking maybe if we could Add this idea here it would be great, All is needed maybe a nice skin for an off-road car that looks like an RAC or AA i would say, You guys could add the car at any car shop for sell, I would recommend the car should be around 30k to 70k in price, And who ever is looking to roleplay and do something extra on the side, They will just buy the car and just offer his services on side chat and the game shall be on *Smile* I see its a win win for both sides.

Best of luck to all, and wish you all a year of joy and happiness !


Dimitry Ivanov

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