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Police Constabulary Information

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Police Command


The Reborn Police Purpose

We, the members of the Altis Police Department are committed to excellence in law enforcement and are dedicated to the people, traditions and diversity of our Island. In order to protect life and property, prevent crime and reduce the fear of crime, we will provide service with understanding, respond with compassion, perform with integrity and enforce the law with vision.

Police Command

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JdhvYO7JIDx8UIeLui08OrYKdZCWv67wMf_SEy7b5UsLumuDSZewz7qrXhYh_HanG_9kVu849GHcqaxo6_Nc2YxkntVJGHXJ9f1TkEKeRD5eL47Ne9JmxuceQH5b9JYq1rZuggyQ Commissioner OutSyder Quote: "When nothing is going right, go left"

JdhvYO7JIDx8UIeLui08OrYKdZCWv67wMf_SEy7b5UsLumuDSZewz7qrXhYh_HanG_9kVu849GHcqaxo6_Nc2YxkntVJGHXJ9f1TkEKeRD5eL47Ne9JmxuceQH5b9JYq1rZuggyQ Deputy Commissioner KingOfNeptune Quote: "To Be Added"

200px-Met_Dep_Commissioner_Epaulette.svg.png Deputy Commissioner Ollie Quote: "To Be Added"

200px-Met_Dep_Commissioner_Epaulette.svg.png Deputy Commissioner Laurence Quote: " To Be Added"

The Reborn Police Values

These values guide the operations of the department and the conduct of its members. These are our fundamental beliefs from which our agency sets policy, delivers services and implements programs. Values set standards for our members in executing their public safety duties. These values guide our actions. [Professionalism, Integrity, Courage, Compassion, Honesty, Reliability, Understanding]

Our Roleplay Standards

All officers are expected to keep an outstanding level of roleplay at all times. We are here to enforce the law but first and foremost Role play. with that being said we expect all officers to reward roleplay. People that stop and talk to us always needs to have a fair chance to get away with whatever crime they have committed. If they have a valid and reasonable Roleplay story let them off or give them a reduced a reduced ticket or punishment and inform them about this. If guns are involved they are to be seized and another form of reward for the roleplay is to be given this is due to the fact that the guns are the leading cause of violence. If we go in with the mentality to catch everyone and everything there is no reason to stop because it is not beneficial. If an officer is seen neglecting the fact that a good Roleplay story has been given and does not reward this action may be taken. people need to be able to speak their way out of trouble otherwise the whole concept of a roleplay server is lost and it is our duty to make this possible.

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Kavala Constabulary


Kavala Briefing

Welcome to Kavala Constabulary! Kavala is known to be one of the main cities in Altis, and it has one of the highest populations throughout the Island! We as a part of the Kavala Constabulary should work as a team at all times and make sure that the city and area of Kavala are safe. If you have any questions about the constabulary feel free to message a member of our Constabulary Command!

Welcome To Kavala

To reiterate, Welcome to Kavala! The city of Kavala is one of the busiest cities on Altis. Mostly known for having some of the newer islanders arriving and causing trouble for the residents of Altis. As an officer in this constabulary, you will experience multiple problems, predicaments and some difficult decision making.

If you are an officer here you will be expected to be capable of dealing with a multitude of different situations and use your maturity, level mindedness, and common sense to excel as an officer and prove yourself worthy of policing the rough streets.

Kavala Command

XgFsE5ZXJD5GYY2kQFn_-8Odp53F6iQgx35yv0928WoykmY82rrCHpSTuYJtuyHRSHzDiLBXQPqylA1crdRUHUspb9JKDZz35pwgu8xBcnmG4kpQ_jLZa6G25U2Nd5zxG3QnKXmx Chief Constable Monkey Quote: "Awaiting Quote"

Deputy_Chief_Constable_Epaulette.svg.png Deputy Chief Constable Vacant Quote: "Awaiting Quote"

Deputy_Chief_Constable_Epaulette.svg.png Deputy Chief Constable Vacant Quote: "Awaiting Quote"

Kavala Code Of Conduct

These values guide the operation of the Department and the conduct of its members. These are our fundamental beliefs from which our agency sets policy, delivers services and implements programs. Values set standards for our members in executing their public safety duties. These values guide our actions.

  • We Believe that while Crime Prevention is our Principal Goal, We should Vigorously Pursue those who Commit Serious Crimes.
  • We Treat Members of the Public with Respect and Dignity. We Maintain the Highest Levels of Integrity and Professionalism in all Actions.
  • We Recognize that the Department Members are its Greatest Asset and Assume Responsibility to Treat Them Professionally and Support Their Professional Development.
  • We are Committed to Managing Our Resources in a Careful, Efficient and Effective Manner.

Kavala Police Rules

(1) Kavala Headquarters

1.1 Do not shoot a live firearm inside the HQ unless it is a taser.

1.2 Do not leave a detainee inside the holding cell within the HQ alone. (Unless they are a troller or a hacker etc and no admin is connected to the server)

1.3 Do not let civilians enter the HQ building unless accompanied by an officer (SC+ or CON+ with SGT Authorisation).

1.4 If you are seen defacing the HQ by breaking windows, driving cars or other vehicles inside of it you will receive further punishments and 100k Deducted for the damages.

(2) Patrolling

2.1 Only patrol with the equipment your rank is eligible for.

2.2 Always patrol in pairs unless you are completely unable to do so.

2.3 Only use lethal rounds if it's completely necessary e.g lethal force is the only viable measure to preserve human life.

2.4 Only patrol in the vehicle your rank is issued unless authorized by DSGT+

2.5 When patrolling at least one person has to carry a non-lethal firearm (RBG).

2.6 Only 4 officers to 1 channel unless authorized by DCOM+.

(3) Planned Operations (Checkpoints, Convoys, RP Events)

3.1 Operations such as these should have an Operational Leader, and a Grounds Manager to help the operation succeed.

3.2 Keep with your rank gear unless your SFU or Authorised by a DCOM+.

3.3 Checkpoints must be authorized by an INS+ before happening and must not endanger anyone's lives.

3.4 Convoy's need to be approved by DCI+ and planned carefully with good reason to do so.

(4) General

4.1 Always respect the chain of command. Follow orders from higher officers, raise any issues with Kavala Command.

4.2 Contact a rank higher than you with any issues, do not go directly to a DCC or CC.

4.3 Do not ask for a promotion however you may ask for feedback.

4.4. Only 1 DCC can go on a holiday at the time.

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Athira Constabulary


Athira Briefing

Welcome to the Athira Constabulary! Athira is the largest city in the north of Altis; Due to the nearby airport we have a high population and have many civilians to keep safe! As a part of the Athira Constabulary should stay professional and make sure that the city and area in and around Athira are safe. If you have any questions about the constabulary feel free to message a member of Athira Command!

Athira Command

XgFsE5ZXJD5GYY2kQFn_-8Odp53F6iQgx35yv0928WoykmY82rrCHpSTuYJtuyHRSHzDiLBXQPqylA1crdRUHUspb9JKDZz35pwgu8xBcnmG4kpQ_jLZa6G25U2Nd5zxG3QnKXmx Chief Constable O'Griggs Quote: "To Be Added"

Deputy_Chief_Constable_Epaulette.svg.png Deputy Chief Constable Albiston Quote: "To Be Added"

Deputy_Chief_Constable_Epaulette.svg.png Deputy Chief Constable Vacant Quote: "To Be Added"


Welcome to Athira!

You have passed your Academy training and are now a constable of Athira! So you're a constable, what now?
Now you can start a patrol alone and start keeping Altis safe, this is not Kavala there are no safe zones out here,
so it is always recommended to have a patrol partner to back you up in those sticky situations.

Athira is an equal opportunity constabulary, conduct yourself professionally and do the work which is expected of you and you will rise through the ranks same as everyone else.

Code of Conduct:

As an official member of the Athira constabulary, you are expected to conduct yourself professionally.
The Code of Conduct states that you should treat anybody, regardless if it is a civilian or a colleague, with respect,
dignity, and tolerance. Never try to become personal towards anyone. As a member of the Police, with any action, you take you are representing the Police Force as a whole, and so you are encouraged to set an example. Never resort to being offensive to anyone.

When you are in the game, treat civilians with respect. Try to be there to help civilians as this is your job;
you can do anything from repairing their vehicle to escorting them whilst they're doing a legal run.

Try to do everything in your power to improve relations with the civilian population. Police are urged not to be aggressive to civilians or rebels alike; we should always maintain a certain degree of dignity when dealing with situations, even when someone is being detained.?

General Info and Useful links:

As a Constable of Athira, your job is to keep Altis safe and help civilians whenever possible,
Constables and Senior Constables are the footsoldiers and lifeblood of a constabulary.

When you reach SGT your job will be to give Sergeant Feedbacks on other officers in the force and let us know how they are doing Sergeant feedbacks can be positive negative or neutral.

When you reach Dsgt you have entered Athira Command and will gain access to the Athira PNC/Roster and will begin your Carrier doing Command work and supervising other officers in-game, as a member of command you are expected to keep other officers accountable and lead operations when necessary.

Police Handbook:

Police Holiday Form:

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Academy Constabulary


Academy Briefing

Welcome to Academy! We're the first line of workers that ensure the integrity and education levels in the Altis Police Force, and we will always aspire to deliver the highest quality of training for our Police Department. With a strong team of trainers, we face the challenge, if you have any questions about Academy please feel free to message a member of Constabulary Command!

This is the police academy, we are the first layer of the police. If you want to be a part of the Altis Police Department these are the steps:

  1. You make an application on the government website; our command will read the application and give a response as soon as possible.
  2. When your application has been accepted, you will undergo an interview, when you pass the interview you will start as a Community Support Officer (CSO).
  3. Now it is the time to start your police career and get more experienced. Our trainers will help you at any time of the day. We will train you till you get the rank constable, at constable you are fully trained and ready to step in as a real police officer.

Our constabulary makes sure every police officer is well trained for their job. Academy works like a professional team, so we keep the quality high. Every trainer from our constabulary is well trained to do their job and they make sure the trainees are well experienced through their course.

If you have any questions about the police or academy, you can send a message to Academy Command.

Academy Command

XgFsE5ZXJD5GYY2kQFn_-8Odp53F6iQgx35yv0928WoykmY82rrCHpSTuYJtuyHRSHzDiLBXQPqylA1crdRUHUspb9JKDZz35pwgu8xBcnmG4kpQ_jLZa6G25U2Nd5zxG3QnKXmx Chief Constable Lemmen Quote: "Awaiting Quote"

Deputy_Chief_Constable_Epaulette.svg.png Deputy Chief Constable Jack Afrebalos Quote: "Awaiting Quote"

Deputy_Chief_Constable_Epaulette.svg.png Deputy Chief Constable Vacant Quote: "Awaiting Quote"

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