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R THx Report


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In-game name:

[-V-] Frosty

Name of the player(s) you are reporting:


Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:


What rule do you believe was broken:


Any evidence available:


Describe the incident:

He restrained me for no reason without rp

Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned.


Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue.


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4 minutes ago, Frosty said:

Pual what happend after is in my next report , they rdm me. Also why doesnt he get banned if he failrps?

Ok seen next report and @Nexo i need you to explain the kill on Core from this report.

Only warning him about his knockout actions in this report cos he still said something prior to saying he wants your gun and knocking you out even though it is shitty.

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Yeah everything was hectic here. Especially our comms guys but id like to apologise about it to start off. I would like to compensate you as i said dont know if you saw it in game. (core) Because i was told you were warned about talking clearly not and i got bloody confused with teamspeak chat and ingame chat which messed everything up. I will compensate Core and frost as soon as the servers are sorted and hopefully we can move on people.

Core = 500k

Ill give frost 100k just to compensate the f up

Do you accept this compensation frost/core etc

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