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Hi, I would like to request for some suites to be added in, maybe a full white suite and a full black suite, my roleplay in the game is a business owner and Id like to look the part in terms of being a business owner and being smartly dressed, we are also wanting to organize events on the server like weddings and funerals, birthdays and staff parties for our "business" on the server and it would be nice to actually be able to dress appropriately for the occasions.



Also the addition of say like top hats or some thing that are buyable in the clothing stores to finish off outfits, maybe a cigar or some thing idk just stuff to make the roleplay more realistic in terms of doing roleplay scenarios.

Another addition id like to see is official Anonymous style masks, possibly only available with rebel license upgraded or some thing as an alternative to a shemag, that gives you no name tag and obv a physical wearable mask rather than having to do face skins to wear the mask, it would make for some funny situations where large groups mass meet to do anonymous protests and such.

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