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Toilet Script


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One thing that I've noticed about RP servers is that you need to eat and drink in order to stay alive... Yet you never seem to complete one of the most basic bodily functions... So you're eating and drinking all these wonderful things yet you're not disposing of the aftermath...

In my real life I am hampered by a troublesome medical condition which makes knowing where toilets are at all times necessary. So it surprises me that you can eat and drink on Altis but you doi't go to the toilet...

Should we do something about that?

I've seen a couple of scripts that can achieve this, and if this was taken forward seriously. I'm not sure what would be best.

In how this would work I have a few ideas, based on the food and drink options.

For failure to use the toilet:

  1. Enter a state of Septicemia which needs an NHS medic to treat (Forcing RP) and if you don't receive medical treatment you die...
  2. Soil ones clothing, creating a stained patch meaning you need to buy new clothing
  3. Soil a Tena Continence Pad meaning you need to buy a replacement. This creates an instant and constant fatigue state until it's replaced (Trust me you won't want to run with a soiled continence pad!)
  4. Soil a Tena Continence Pad meaning you need to buy a replacement. This reduces food and drink reserves by a multiplier rate of 2.5 or something

Using Toilets:

For this I thought the type of toilet used and the cleanliness of the facility dictates its costs / how it alleviates your toilet needs:

  1. Urinal - Takes 30 seconds to use, free to use, reduces toilet need by 10 / 100
  2. Dirty Toilet - Reduces toilet need by 30 / 100, free to use, but makes you feel sick so increases fatigue for 5 minutes - Takes 30 seconds to use
  3. Extremely Dirty Toilet - Reduces toilet need by 50 / 100, free to use but makes you feel sick so makes you 25 / 100 hungry - Tales 30 seconds to use
  4. Clean Toilet - Reduces toilet need 100/100, costs 100$ - Takes 100 seconds to use - No after effects

I have other ideas and I could probably look at doing a basic level of programming for this too if it's taken forward as an idea. I have the script in a backup of my old AL RPG server and would be happy to adapt the source for RebornRP... Seems silly just to have it sat there in a backup when it could have benefits to someone.

What do people think?

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Thats for the feedback.

In regards to the questions about being stuck in the trees. There is a scene in American Sniper where comrades of Chris Kyle meet him in a building where he has been sniping for evidently some time and has soiled himself (huge wet patch on the floor).

The idea to die from Septicemia was just something a little different. The original script doesn't kill you, just fatigues you which is much more realistic as you really don't want to run with those things in a soiled state. I suppose yes you could shit in the woods, but this could be achieved by purchasing an additional pad beforehand. I think the amount you can carry should be limited though. I'm thinking of script limitations here more than anything else.

Toilets on the island, I'm not sure what you mean by there being no toilets :S they are practically everywhere!! Here is one such example near a beach in Zeloran


This is a beach changing room but it almost certainly could serve another purpose... :P


Would you like me to try and throw something together and do a mockup test to demonstrate the idea?

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There is the use of the Pad, so you soil yourself and you go into an instant fatigue state. Replacing the pad resets the need to go bathroom and removes the fatigue. You then have a dirty diaper to get rid of. I guess you could press remove straight away and be done with it.

However it could be altered so that you must throw it away in a bin somewhere... Also using a bathroom removes any dirty diapers you have...

Some of that is probably beyond my expertise at this stage... But I'd be happy to give it a go if the idea wanted to be loaded into the server :)

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I like the notion and a few ideas here are ok but personally Arma as far as altis is concerned is more of a fun times RP thing, I just think this main concept would take the RP factor too far and in the end would thinking from the standard members point of view would I like being chained to a toilet system for say 4-8 hours per day of game play, No I wouldn't but others might like the idea but for me its taking the RP to a place that's dropping the fun aspect of the simulation/game.

But this is just my 2 cents on this concept each person is entitled to there own opinions here.

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