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Suicide vest


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I really want suicide vest to be implemented because it would allow more roleplay, and people would be able to rob the gas station much easier as a lone wolf. I may know the reason why you have not added it and that is because people would go in a greenzone and blow people up. Obviously if you do implement this suicide vest there needs to be certain rules. For example you cant blow up in greenzone, must be within roleplay. Officers would have to approach the suspect carefully as he could just blow up everything. No compensation with the suicide vest because that would be weird. The suicide vest would be great bacause for example if you rob a gas station and have the dead switch on, the police must negotiate and roleplay a lot more and it would make it easier for people rob for example gas stations alone much easier. If you for example only sell it in the rebel clothing shop taht would get rid of most of the trolls because they would have to play hours to get hold on that vest.

This suggestion got double posted, just remove this one please <3

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