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Joshh Report

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In-game name:

InT | RomaN

Name of the player(s) you are reporting:


Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:


What rule do you believe was broken:

Fail RP, RDM

Any evidence available:


Describe the incident:

We initiated on the tires of a HEMMIT BOX but didn't shoot (so we didn't initiate on him) yet they shot us, at the end of the RDM situation, I had my hands above my head and Joshh killed me and blenK, we both had our guns on our back and was surrounded, putting our hands above our heads.

Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned.


Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue.


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8 minutes ago, Joshh said:

Now In the support case dealt with by @Adam Briggs He said that it’s not RDM because you shot back so when you say we didn’t shoot by the point I arrived you had already shot at Audi...leading to me being first person behind my strider I peaked and seen one persons hands raising so I shot,I didn’t know he was putting his hands up as I was in first person and was spraying as I came round the corner,in ts3 I apologised for this and explained I’m nkt comping as you guys had shot back at Audi meaning both sides were initiated.

I don't know if anyone from our gang shot and if it was a close Vanguard member, could you provide evidence of a vanguard member getting shot at please because we was surrounded by vanguard members and there could have easily been one that shot at us from a close proximity? plus the point I'm getting at is the reason you guys did no role play and shot me and blenK had guns on our backs and hands in the air, you was in heavily armored vehicles so had no excuse to need to kill us instantly.

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Ok there no valid initiation so Vanguard were in the wrong to shoot.

Regardless if one bullet or 100000 bullets were fired at vanguard its pretty obvious if someones shoots at you then you would defend yourself.

@Audi Please compensate B O I and JohnMcguiness for their lost gear

@Joshh Please compensate Roman and Blenk for their lost gear

You have 24hours to arrange this, i will leave this thread open until the compensation is sorted.


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4 minutes ago, Scott McTavish said:

Thats fine josh can sort the rest when hes on later.

Correct, me and blenK are still waiting on comp, but the others have been sorted, thanks for the help and I'll update you with any further information if Joshh fails to compensate us. :) 

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7 minutes ago, Luftwaffles said:

i think this rule needs clarification/ adjustment, because i still dont understand how someone threatening to shoot your tires is not classed as an initiation. i honestly thought that was a proper initiation. 

Yeah it definitely needs clarification, when everyone understood that it wasn't regarded as initiation apart from you

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1 hour ago, Joshh said:

Was on rebel holiday 2 weeks ago and i was getting mk1 csats for 300k with just 1 weapon perk 


Anyway as i said ive got your 5.8 and 6.5 so contact me for them back and the 100k for your clothes 

I don't want to trek to your for a 5.8 gun, I want my full compensation.

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3 hours ago, Scott McTavish said:

@Joshh @RomaN

Is this sorted yet?

Not yet, waiting on 150k compensation.

2 hours ago, Joshh said:

I asked him to message me on ts when he’s ingame and id send him the comp but he said he didn’t want his weapons back that I have and he has not messaged me,I don’t lnow what he plays as @Scott McTavish

My name is InT | RomaN. I’ll be online at 6pm after the gym and be awaiting my 150k compensation. Please screenshot you sending the compensation in order to cover your own back and provide a full closure of this case.

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