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Police stick to road laws.


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Been playing on the server for a bit and the one thing that bugs me more than others is the police and their lack of driving skills. Every time it's dark you see police cars speeding through town or countryside without lights on. Not only this they are cutting the corners making then drive towards unsuspecting civilians. I have been on the wrong side of an accident on more than one occasion because of this.

Police are there to make sure the laws are adhered to, not to break them. I know it might seem petty but this is a rp server. If i was to crash in to them with no lights and/or driving on the wrong side of the road i would get a ticket or worse. They should not be above the law.

Yes i understand they have to get to places quickly. However that does not permit them to use any lane. Please have a word.



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Unless Police Officers are using their emergency lights they should always stick to the speed limits and drive with headlights on. However if they are on call to an emergency they are allowed to overtake using both lanes of the road, please pull to the side so they can pass and this would ensure that they only use one lane. As always if anyone witnesses any officers wrongdoing please bring us evidence and we can deal with it accordingly.

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