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Police Vests


Vest Change?  

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  1. 1. Vest Change?

    • No!
    • Add Carrier Rig as Operation Vest but keep the Tactical Vest
    • Add Carrier Lite as Patrol Vest and Carrier Rig as Operations Vest

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Oh boy! Another controversial post!

DISCLAIMER : I've talked to numerous members of the police force including a few of the members of police command, the opinions are very split and so I'm doing this to spread information and such around to educate people on the actual statistics of the clothing - I'm not just doing this to get the members of the community (Mostly members of the police force I'd assume) against the police command.

Any bullet quantities used represent the amount of bullets it takes to kill rather than the amount it can take before you die.

* * * * *

Currently, the police force has access to vests from the Tactical Vest (II) all the way up to the Carrier Special Rig (V). The rebels haev all vests from the Rangemaster Belt (x) to the Carrier Rig (IV). Although it may seem balanced at first, at a closer look it becomes more and more unbalanced in different scenarios for each side. During server events and extremely large operations, certain members of the police force (Members of the Tactical Firearms Unit and perhaps members of the Narcotics Crime Unit [UNSURE]) can get the Carrier Special Rig (V), although the members of this unit usually take the Carrier Rig over it to make the fight a bit more balanced. The Carrier Special Rig also has reasonably strict regulations (To my limited knowledge).

Members of the police force who aren't in the Specialist Units (TFU and NCU) only have access to the Tactical Vest (II) and the Carrier Lite (III), however, I don't believe members of NCU are allowed to take NCU gear to operations. The Tactical Vest is used for standard patrol and the Carrier Lite is used for operations (HM Treasury Robberies, server events and large scale gunfights).

My suggestion (Finally) is that the Carrier Lite is used for standard patrol rather than operations and the current operation vest is replaced by the Carrier Rig.

I'm suggesting this because most of the police force is only able to get 6.5m/>. Only a small majority of the force has the ability to use weaponry that has a calibre of over 6.5mm. The only members of the force that can use this high calibre weaponry are members of TFU which are very low in quantity - let alone the fact that they're almost never all online and you rarely see over 3. NCU can use weaponry over the 6.5mm mark but can only use 1(?) per patrol. Compare this to the weaponry of the rebel side. They can literally get 12.7mm weaponry (1 shot for those who don't know) and, although it has an effective range of ~300m/> it is very quiet. True, very few use this weapon but the weaponry is still vastly in favour of the rebel side with their MX SWs, MK200s, SPAR-16Ss, CAR-95-1s, LIM-85s, MK-14s, MK-18s and MK-1 EMRs. Put that against 5.56mm or basic 6.5mm weaponry (MX/C), it makes it rather unbalanced.

Yes, cops often outnumber rebels, but you can't forget that the police have numerous rules and regulations that they have to follow or they risk facing punishment that isn't particularly wanted. In HM Robberies, the compound is easy to defend, hard to push and reasonably easy to just bolt out of. Granted, the police force currently is particularly unorganised in heists regarding escape trucks but my point still stands (Up to a point). What makes it worse is that rebels have the ability to flee to an even easier to defend compound either the compound NE of Lakka, Stavrous Military Compound or even their custom built gang base (Grumble grumble *The Bulwarks* grumble grumble).

Rebels also have access to the sponge that is the CSAT Fatigues, along with the Carrier Rig, it makes a formidable foe. I've heard horror stories of the sponge capabilities of the CSAT Fatigues, although I haven't really experienced them myself. Before you say they provide very little advantage, please refer to this video :


In it, I find some interesting findings. Although the CSAT Fatigues don't provide as much extra protection as I thought, they would sway a 1 on 1 confrontation in the way of the wearer. As you can see, in a CQC gunfight between a police officer and a fully clothed rebel (CSAT Fatigues + Carrier Rig) who both had MXs, the rebel would sponge 2.5x the amount of damage. That's quite a bit when you think about it. As you can see from my crude test, the Carrier Lite takes the same amount of 6.5mm bullets as a Tactical Vest. Before anyone complains, I re-tested it and the fact that I shot them in the bank didn't affect the results. Although the possiblity that I messed up is entirely possible, test still shows some results that would still be significant if they were changed.

If you're going by my results, the amount of armour gained from going from the Tactical Vest to the Carrier Lite is so little that being shot by a 6.5mm twice will still kill you.

I tried the test again, this time with the P07 9mm pistol and the difference was still significant. The Tactical Vest took 4 9mm bullets at point blank, the Carrier Lite took 5 9mm bullets at point blank, the Carrier Rig and CSAT Fatigues took an astounding 8 9mm bullets at point blank and finally, the Carrier Rig alone managed to take 7 bullets.

Along with the fact that the current rebel loadout can easily destroy even the most armoured officers, the Carrier Lite looks ridiculously cool. Sure, the Tactical Vest mimics the stab-proof vests used across the globe perfectly, but in such a militarized area of the world, wouldn't it be more realistic if officers had basic levels of kevlar? The Police look pathetic with the tactical vest (In my opinion) and it doesn't really fit in with the black clothing (Especially the current red clothing!). The Carrier Rig adds a camel pack to the back of the officer as well as the numerous pouches increasing in size, changing in position and some even completely changing into different pockets. It's not that hard to define from the Carrier Lite.

Do what you wish with this information but I'm interested to see everyones opinions on the matter.

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7 minutes ago, WolfE said:

I'm suggesting this because most of the police force is only able to get 6.5m/>. Only a small majority of the force has the ability to use weaponry that has a calibre of over 6.5mm. The only members of the force that can use this high calibre weaponry are members of TFU which are very low in quantity - let alone the fact that they're almost never all online and you rarely see over 3.

@Wes Mantooth

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I personally am of the opinion that FPS games/shooters in general that have a high 'time-to-kill' & a headshot multiplier generally have a higher skill cap. I do not think that if you are hitting someone in the chest that you should be expecting a one shot kill, you should expect them to sponge. Instead, you should always be made to aim for the head as this has the smallest hitbox and requires more skill to hit.

How you incorporate this into Arma is fairly simple: Everyone has access to level 4/5 vests and csat fatigues, but only have access to non-armoured head gear. It's fairly straightforward to reskin so that there is some variety in asthetics.

Not sure if any Dev is interested in this kind of balance between cop/rebel as generally speaking cops always tend to have numbers over rebels.

I think (although it makes no sense in roleplay as cops are government funded) that rebels will always have the better equipment due to this numerical advantage, however, the tactical vest does seem a little bit too weak and therefore I agree that a carrier lite would suffice for standard patrol.

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